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Summer, summer, go away, so I can feel my feet again

Summer Symptoms

So, welcome to summer in Australia. After several days of above 40 degree heat, our power companies are struggling. Everyone is being asked to turn off non-essential electrical equipment. Stay cool, is the advice. But if you have an illness like #MS, how can we survive summer’s heat.

My Top 5 Tips for Surviving Summer

  1. Plan
  2. Plan some more
  3. Have a back up Plan
  4. Cooling neck ties and cooling vests
  5. Tell your friends and family so they will understand

You know your routine. Do you work? If so, is it outside or inside? If it is outside, think now about how you can stay cool. If it is inside, is there air conditioning? Will you need a small portable desk fan? Will it be allowed? In my energy efficient office, desk fans are not allowed. But, a note from a doctor is usually enough. How will you get to work? Walking in the heat can be debilitating. Can you start or finish earlier so you are not moving in the heat? Can you get a temporary disabled parking permit? Think about your gym schedule - is this really the time to do personal bests? You know your body - if the temperature is over your comfort level, or for consecutive days, scale back. What events can you reschedule at short notice? Fill your pantry and freezer with meals so you wont be forced to either eat poorly, or choose between going out and facing the heat, or eating. Fatigue is going to be a killer, and often also trigger foggy brain or numbness. Again, you know your body so listen for the triggers. And rest. Rest. Rest some more.

Finally, dont be alone. If your friends and family dont know that heat is your trigger, they cant be on your side. So explain it to them. Several times if you have to. Trust them to care and try to understand. But if they cant or wont, then be strong enough to look after yourself.