A Little About Me

lady with butterflyTo understand my blog, you probably want to know a little about me. That’s a little tough because I want to be honest with you, but (there is always a but) … my work doesn’t know about by diagnosis. And (rightly or wrongly), I don’t think they would take it very well.

​So, I am a wife and mother of three active tween/teens. I am a soccer mum who works full time in an executive position - hence the reluctance to ‘come out of the closet’. ​I first experienced symptoms of MS in the late 90s - optic neuritis and fatigue. And after my last child was born, I just didn’t bounce back. Diagnosed with two other auto-immune diseases prompted me to change my diet, eliminating gluten. ​But … in December 2012, multiple UTIs led to a headache that led to my sight disappearing (again) that led to those words …

‘You have MS’.

​It took a long time for me to accept the dx, and I guess I still haven’t accepted the prognosis - I’m still fighting.
​My husband and kids are supportive, but they don’t see my pain, or frustration when I cant remember what I just read, or did or why I am so tired I just want to cry. ​Work doesn’t know. Weakness is not accepted, and a chronic disease will just be seen as potential time off work and being unreliable. So, if it is okay with you, I’ll stay a little anonymous for now.
​Enough about me …