April 9, 2017

graph showing disability progression for Swank good dieters and poor dieters over 34 years

Reasons not to beat your MS with diet

We’ve heard them all. We may have used them ourselves. All the reasons not go give up the fried foods we love, the red meat, the chocolate.

  1. There’s no proof that diet can cure MS

Really, you want to start with that one? Personally, I dont talk in terms of cure. I’m happy with delayed or minimal disability progression. You know, being able to walk, kick a football, enjoy my family and continue in the job I love. But since you asked, there is proof that diet can help MS. The diagram attached to this post is based on 34 years of academic research by Dr Roy Swank. His patients were tracked for 34 years. And the results are astounding. Good dieters who started with almost no disability, were still mobile with minimal fatigue and foggy brain after 34 years. Those who were ‘poor dieters’ ended up in a wheel chair or bed ridden.

  1. My family wont like it or let me

Would your family stop you from having chemo if you had cancer? If you were allergic, would they insist on you eating saturated fat? I thought not. No mother anytime was ever thanked by her children for feeding them vegetables. Why would you be the first? No partner has ever been thanked for replacing fried or fast food for fish and salad. You know the saying, you dont win friends with salad. So, let’s stop this nonsense about them not letting you and work out how to make it work for all of you.

  1. I cant afford it

Isnt it sad that fast food can be cheaper than healthy food. So, we can focus on the cost of health food, or the cost of not. You know the cost to your health if you dont make changes. Start small - with you. Forego the red meat. One less meat eater will save some money. Replace fast food with sandwiches, home made rice paper rolls or left over dinners. Menu plan - reduces waste and ensures that you are organised enough to withstand any short term mutiny.

  1. I cant cook fancy food

Welcome to the world of the internet and cooking shows. Pinterest lets you follow great food bloggers, or to even search for low sat fat recipes based on a couple of your fav ingredients. Start off with a couple of quick and easy recipes that will become your stock standards.

  1. I dont know where to begin

The question should have been, when to begin. And the answer is today. I’ll address how to begin in another post. It is advice I followed myself, and advice I’ve given freely on facebook groups. But what you need before you begin, is one reason to begin.

One reason to Swank

The Swank diet and lifestyle is proven to help you beat multiple sclerosis. It is your best bet. So, look in the mirror. You are worth it. Look at your sleeping family and loved ones. They are worth it. Look at the picture showing you, proving to you what you are risking if you dont.

Nothing tastes as good as feeling healthy feels.