March 27, 2013


Can you be half in the MS closet? Once you poke a toe out does the whole leg have to follow?

In the 2 months since diagnosis, I have selectively come out. But it is scary. And irreversible. So, who did I tell and why?  More importantly who haven’t I told and why not.

Husband, parents, mother in law. Easy choices. Not easy conversations.

Manager and one coworker – manager was inevitable. I couldn’t hide the relapse, nor what it meant in terms of tests and diagnosis. She was understanding, but couldn’t understand why my head wasn’t in the game over other past few months. Coworker is important to have a sane shoulder at work. That said, I now have a new job starting in 2 weeks. My choice. Sad but I needed a change and someone who wouldn’t know or could at least ‘forgive’ me my foggy brain or self indulgent thoughts.

A couple of key members from committees that I was active in until diagnosis and the decision to pull back. Nothing but understanding and support. I owed them the truth. They accepted my decision to pull back.

My best friend. I waited until I was in a good headspace. I was positive so was she. A little disappointed she hasn’t been in touch since. Busy mum.

It is easier to tell those with their own shit. There is genuine understanding. Honesty. 

Facebook is a no go area. Twitter is anonymous, but cautious. School parents, absolutely not. 

Kids, not yet. At 8-14 they are too young to understand the concept of a degenerative disease. We will tell them mummy isn’t feeling well when that is the truth. 

So, my toe is out but I am not. Will this work?