May 15, 2013

looking out of a car window

My life isn’t change with my MS diagnosis. But the way I view my life changed.

I take the stairs.

Not because of slow lifts, but because I enjoy being able to. At work, I can chose the lift or chose the stairs. I feel the muscles in my legs. It feels good.

I gave up fried food.

Chips and gravy. Hamburgers. I miss them. Apples, bananas, fish just aren’t the same. But giving up fried food has had a benefit. 10% body weight just gone. Waist has returned. Cheekbones rediscovered. Jeans fit. It feels good.

My brain is clear.

I can read, recall, think and analyse. I don’t take it for granted. A month ago I read a page and forgot what it was as soon as the page was turned. I am loving the clarity of thought. It feels good.

Thanks to MS, I have a chance to live again.

To see my life through new eyes.

And that feels good