November 15, 2015

crazy duck

Firstly, you should know I’m still in the MS closet.

Closest friends and family know ‘My Secret’. But not work colleagues and not my managers.

And it seems that every time I think I should just come out, be honest with the world, someone says something stupid and I realise that the world isn’t smart enough to deal with us.

The conversation wasnt about multiple sclerosis. It was about a mental health condition. But the assumptions, the judgement was the same.

The best thing I can do as a manager, is to support people to be the best they can be. I’ve had staff with acquired brain injury; depression; have suffered miscarriages and loss. Those that live with chronic pain, with teens that threaten (and even attempt) suicide.

Stupid people still say stupid things.

One thing this stupid disease has given me is patience, understanding and empathy. It has made me a better wife, mother, friend and manager.

But still, I see stupid people everywhere - sometimes they dont even know they are stupid.