March 25, 2013

branches rain drops

Have you noticed all the MS drug pamphlets have pictures of happy, smiling people?

Not a word about what diagnosis is does to your headspace, or ability to sleep.

Yesterday I went to work on 3 hours sleep. It was a hard day at work, foggy brain and tired. normally my insomnia starts at 2 or 3 and then I fall back asleep around 5. But yesterday was not my day. No back to sleep for me. And of course, every symptom is a MS symptom, right? The insomnia, the foggy brain. All warning signs, right?

Last night, really tired I went to bed at 9.30. So tired, surely it will be a good night sleep. Not for me. Awake from 4am and now again so tired and even shaking from being tired.

Is insomnia one of those optional extras we get as a bonus with MS?

Or is it just a short term bonus while newly diagnosed come to terms with it?